A little about me?

I am a mom of two amazing kids, wife to my husband of 8 years, a Real Estate Agent on pause, and of course, a photographer! I like to craft, knit, sew, cook, organize, style, walk, swim, practice yoga, hike, dance, and play alllllll day long with my kids. I love taking photographs. Some people like my photographs. If you like my style, please contact me!


What's my favorite thing to photograph? 

I love to capture a beautiful moment. A moment that goes by in a flash but you want it to live on forever. I take a lot of photos of my kids and the people around me. There's beauty everywhere, and when I come across something that strikes me, I can't resist taking the picture. You know, those beautiful moments you want to share with others. People, emotion, lighting and colors all coming together in a scene, telling a story or pausing time. - That's what I like to capture. 


I am always striving to improve and I must say that I am so lucky to be able to meet and photograph some really awesome people!